Discontinuation of Syphilis VDRL Qualitative Antibody Test (SS02017)

The WSLH constantly strives to offer the highest quality laboratory services based on customer and public health need. With the implementation of the Syphilis Diagnostic Testing Algorithm at the WSLH and other Wisconsin clinical laboratories, the Syphilis VDRL Qualitative Antibody Test (SS02017) will be discontinued at the WSLH on June 30, 2019. The following is a summary of the Syphilis test offerings at the WSLH:

  • Syphilis Diagnostic Algorithm, Test SS02012: Full Reverse algorithm (serum): used for diagnosis of syphilis and for patients with positive rapid screening test results.
  • Syphilis TP-PA, Test SS02013: Serum TP-PA only: used to complete the traditional algorithm when a patient specimen has a positive RPR or VDRL result. Also used in the reverse algorithm when a patient specimen is positive with an initial treponemal antibody test (EIA, CMIA) and the VDRL or RPR is negative.
  • Syphilis VDRL (CSF), Test SS02018: CSF quantitative VDRL only: used to evaluate for the presence of neurosyphilis and congenital syphilis. Recommend also running the full serum diagnostic algorithm for adult patients.
  • Syphilis VDRL (Post-Treatment), Test SS02019: Serum quantitative VDRL only: used to evaluate previously positive patients for re-infection or response to treatment, and to evaluate for congenital syphilis in babies.
  • Syphilis VDRL Quantitative, Test SS02020: Serum quantitative VDRL, with reflex to TP-PA if the VDRL is negative: used to complete the reverse algorithm. Requires a positive treponemal antibody test result (EIA, CMIA).

We appreciate your utilization of the WSLH as a primary and referral testing laboratory and sincerely hope that this decision will not inconvenience you or your patients.

If you have any questions regarding this matter please contact us at 800-862-1013 and our customer service staff will route your call to one of our technical directors.

Customer Letter (PDF)