Lange Awarded U.S. Army Commander’s Award for Public Service

On October 2nd, Chemical Emergency Response Assistant Coordinator Meshel Lange was awarded the U.S. Department of the Army’s Commander’s Award for Public Service by the Wisconsin National Guard 54th Civil Support Team (CST).

The 54th CST is a critical response asset for emergencies or terrorist events that involve weapons of mass destruction (WMD) or toxic industrial chemicals. Their expertise and capability in field response is unparalleled.

Lange is the WSLH’s main contact for Wisconsin’s HazMat teams and the CST. She has been working with the teams for six years. Meshel is only the 11th person to receive this award from the 54th CST. She was also given the distinguished title of 54th CST’s 23rd team member.

Her award recognized the vital role she plays as a resource to help identify unknown WMD threats, trainer to optimize protocols for the 54th CST as well as other response partners nationwide, and communication link between the Laboratory Response Network (LRN), CST, HazMat teams, and the WSLH – leading to increased proficiency in the emergency response mission and agency interoperability.

The 54th CST also lauded Langefor learning about CST’s equipment in order to assist in its operation and provide a more in-depth understanding of the science behind the results.

Lange was presented her award and medal at a surprise ceremony. The entire 54th CST was present and stood at attention as she received her medal and certificate.

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Lt. Colonel Eric Leckel, commander of the 54th CST, presents Meshel with the Commander’s Award for Public Service.