WisCon Client Endorsement


March 30, 2001

Mr. James Lutz
Wisconsin Safety Consultation
N14 W23833 Stone Ridge Drive, Suite B100
Waukesha, WI 53288-1125

Dear Jim:

Thank you for your presentation at our annual safety seminar. Your interaction with our members gives them another resource to help provide a safe working environment for their employees. Your presentation encouraged discussion by the attendees at the seminar, which I am sure carried over to discussion at their respective work places. I for one think your services are underused by Wisconsin industries in general and feel if we can give you more exposure to our members, they will recognize the benefit that the Wisconsin Safety Consultation can provide, if utilized. I find that most employers want to protect their employees from injury, but do not know where to tap the resources for help. Thank you again for participating in our seminar.


David Goddard, President
Lake States Lumber Association