The allergens available for testing are:

Dust mite, Der p 1

Dust mite, Der f 1

Cockroach, Bla g 1

Cockroach, Bla g 2

Mouse, Mus m 1

Rat, Rat r 1


Allergen Sampling

Dust is the recommended sample.  Air samples are not recommended but will be tested if requested.


Dust Samples

Samples can be collected with a MITEST dust vacuum adaptor. Other carpet samplers or a Teflon filter cassette can also be used with a flow rate of 10-15 liters per minute (LPM).  One gram of bulk dust is required.


Air Samples

Personal samples are collected on Teflon filters, open faced at 2 LPM; area air samples at 15-20 LPM for at least 10 minutes. A minimum of 120 liters is required.

A minimum of three samples is requested.

Please call laboratory at 800-446-0403 for additional information.