Endotoxins are a group of compounds associated with gram negative bacteria. Though ubiquitous in nature, elevated levels are associated with wastewater treatment plants, agriculture, cotton mills, water-based cutting fluids and other fluids where gram negative bacteria can grow.


Endotoxin Sampling


Air Sampling

Samples are collected at 2 liters per minute (lpm) for 2-8 hours on 37 mm 0.45µm endotoxin-free polycarbonate filters.  Cassettes are available through the laboratory.


Bulk Sampling

Bulks, such as metal working fluids, should be placed in 10 ml endotoxin-free sample containers. The bottle should be completely filled to ensure adequate sample for analysis. Containers are available through the laboratory.


Blank Samples

Blank samples are recommended. Samples should be shipped overnight in a cooler with ice packs.

Please contact the laboratory for kits or with any questions.