OSHA Small Business Success Story: Rotating Equipment Repair Achieves Injury-Free Workplace with WisCon’s Help

Rotating Equipment Repair (RER), a Sussex, WI, company providing high quality repairs, parts, and field service to the high energy pump market, is featured as a “Small Business Success Story” by the Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA).

The story highlights the collaboration between RER staffers and expert consultants from Wisconsin’s Onsite Safety and Health Consultation Program (WisCon) to improve RER’s safety and health culture, including achieving SHARP status in 2009. RER has maintained continuous SHARP status, with their most recent renewal in 2017.

SHARP stands for Safety and Health Achievement Recognition Program and is a recognition program by OSHA and state consultation programs for companies who have excellent health and safety program management systems in place.

From the OSHA article:

“Becoming a SHARP participant requires that the employer have injury and illness rates below the national average for their industrial classification. Rotating Equipment Repair has had zero recordable accidents in the last 6 years. For this NAICS code in 2013, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that the industry average Total Recordable Case (TRC) rate was 2.8, and the industry average Days Away from Work, Job Transfer and Restriction (DART) rate was 1.4. In 2016, the industry average TRC rate was 3.5 and the average DART rate was 1.7.

“Since participating in SHARP, the company experienced a number of benefits, including a reduction in its Experience Modifier Rate. Having zero workers’ compensation claims has had positive impacts on the company’s workers’ compensation insurance premiums. Today, these premiums are lower than or comparable to similar companies in this industry. In addition, changes to business practices resulted in increased workplace safety and health awareness levels and employees’ involvement company-wide. ‘We have been awarded more contracts due to our safety record,’ said RER Safety Director Anthony Emanuele. ‘Working with WisCon consultants has been a positive experience, and we have been able to reduce and maintain low accident rates.’”