Directory of Key WSLH Staff


Email Phone
James Schauer, PhD, PE, MBA, WSLH Director 608-890-1569
Errin Rider, PhD, D(ABMM), Associate Director and Director, Clinical Laboratory Services 608-890-1093
Steve Strebel, Interim Associate Director for Non-Clinical Testing 608-224-6216
Jan Klawitter, MA, Public Relations 608-265-2529
Nancy McLean, Human Resources 608-890-3008
Kevin Karbowski, Finance 608-265-4511
Sara Anderson, Director’s Office 608-890-0288
Communicable Disease Division
Allen Bateman, PhD, D(ABMM), Director 608-224-4254
Alana Sterkel, PhD, D(ABMM), Associate Director 608-224-4277
Disease Prevention Division
Biochemical Genetics
Roberto Mendez, PhD, Director 608-265-5968
Vanessa Horner, PhD, Director 608-890-1112
Xiangqiang (XQ) Shao, PhD, Assistant Director 608-890-0467
Kaitlin Sundling, MD, PhD, Director 608-262-3524
Joshua Faulkes, CT(ASCP), Lab Manager 608-263-3352
Cytotechnology Program
Program Office 608-262-2802
Newborn Screening
Mei Baker, MD, Director 608-890-1796
Environmental Health Division
Steve Strebel, Interim Associate Director for Non-Clinical Testing 608-224-6216
Kayla Neuman, Director 608-263-7349
Information Technology Division
Allen Benson, Director 608-221-6269
Occupational Health Division
Steve Strebel, Director 608-224-6216
Danica Harrier, WisCon Program Manager 608-226-5248
Proficiency Testing
Mike Argall, MT (ASCP), Director 608-224-4307

Clinical Laboratories: 800-862-1013

Environmental Laboratories: 800-442-4618

Occupational Health Laboratories: 800-446-0403

WisCon On-Site Safety and Health Consultation Program: 800-947-0553

Proficiency Testing: 800-462-5261