Laboratory Networks and Surveillance


Wisconsin Clinical Laboratory Network (WCLN)

The Wisconsin State Laboratory of Hygiene (WSLH) coordinates a network (the Wisconsin Clinical Laboratory Network, or “WCLN”) of clinical laboratories in the state to ensure a timely and effective response to clinical laboratory and public health needs. The WCLN purpose encompasses emergency preparedness, disease surveillance, laboratory diagnostics, training and education, and communications.

The WCLN web page provides access to a number of laboratory materials that have been created in collaboration with clinical laboratory partners, most notably the members of the Wisconsin Clinical Laboratory Technical Advisory Group (“LabTAG”).


Wisconsin Mycobacteriology Laboratory Network (WMLN)

The Wisconsin Mycobacteriology Laboratory Network (WMLN) is an ongoing collaboration of laboratories in Wisconsin that perform some level of mycobacteriology testing to share expertise and information critical to the state’s tuberculosis control efforts. WMLN’s goal is to ensure consistent, high-qualityTB laboratory services statewide.



Subsets of the WCLN laboratories, along with other testing sites, provide testing data, samples and isolates to the WSLH for virus, enteric bacterial, and mycobacteriology surveillance. The WSLH collates, analyzes and develops graphs of the data. The WSLH also provides reports to mycobacteriology and virology submitters and summary “bullet-statement” Virus Surveillance Reports to all who request them.

The Laboratory Surveillance Reports web page provides access to the current laboratory-based surveillance reports and graphs that are generated as testing reports provided by Wisconsin laboratories and other test sites. The graphs include both current and historical graphs and, in some cases, both statewide and regional data. Descriptions of Wisconsin’s laboratory-based surveillance programs are also available on this web page.


Communicable Disease Division (CDD)

The Communicable Disease Division of the WSLH provides reference and specialized testing services in support of public health and ensures statewide access to laboratory expertise and capabilities in the disciplines of bacteriology, mycobacteriology, virology, parasitology, molecular microbiology, and serology. The CDD also coordinates a network of clinical laboratories throughout Wisconsin for emergency and public health response, and facilitates planning among clinical, local public health, and other state-level laboratories.

The “Communicable Disease Division” link connects you to the CDD web page, which provides an A-to-Z Index of communicable disease and related topics.