Clinical Testing Data Surveillance


In collaboration with other public health partners, the WSLH has developed data-driven statewide respiratory and gastrointestinal pathogen surveillance programs in Wisconsin. Weekly reporting of diagnostic testing data to WSLH is important so that public health partners know what communicable diseases are impacting community health in Wisconsin. The complete Laboratory-based surveillance plan for the 2023-24 season is available at the bottom of this page.


Wisconsin Respiratory Surveillance Program:

The aim of this program is to gain situational awareness of the respiratory pathogens circulating in Wisconsin, including geographic spread and positivity rates. All Sites in Wisconsin performing PCR/molecular and/or rapid antigen testing for respiratory pathogens are asked to submit their testing data on a weekly basis (number tested, number positive) all year round.


Wisconsin Acute Diarrheal Illness Surveillance Program:

The aim of this program is to gain awareness of the gastrointestinal pathogens effecting community health in Wisconsin. The WSLH requests that clinical labs submit gastropathogen PCR testing data for bacterial, parasitic and viral pathogens on a weekly basis (number tested, number positive), all year round.

Testing Data Submission Instructions



Surveillance Data Distribution

The WSLH aggregates all respiratory and enteric pathogen data and provides summary reports in the bi-weekly Laboratory Surveillance Report, which is distributed to over 600 recipients across the state.

Graphs of aggregate surveillance data for a variety of pathogens can be navigated to using the links on the left-hand side of this page. The graphs include both current and historical graphs and, in some cases, both statewide and regional data. Descriptions of Wisconsin’s laboratory-based surveillance programs are also available on these pages.

A data summary of respiratory viral pathogens is also sent to the Wisconsin Department of Health Services for inclusion into their Weekly Respiratory Virus Surveillance Report.


Surveillance Reports


Wisconsin Laboratory Surveillance Report (WSLH)Lab Surveillance Report tn
Wisconsin Division of Public Health Weekly ILI Report (WDPH)


2023-2024 Laboratory-Based Surveillance Plan






Reportable Disease Surveillance



For more information regarding reportable diseases, please see the following:

Wisconsin Department of Health Services (DHS) Disease Reporting
DHS Reportable Disease Statute, Chapter 145
DHS Chapter 145 Appendix A, List of Reportable Diseases and Conditions