Forensic Toxicology Outreach


The Medical Toxicology section conducts Outreach programs as part of the WSLH commitment to the University of Wisconsin’s mission of creating and disseminating knowledge. Some programs are well established and ongoing; other activities may be one-time presentations. Summaries of some continuing programs are listed below.

The Toxicology section welcomes the opportunity to partner with local and state agencies, researchers, educators and professional groups. Please contact the section for further information.


Department of Transportation – Chemical Test Section

The Toxicology section provides research and scientific support for Wisconsin’s breath alcohol testing program as needed.


Research Opportunities

The section assists university researchers by providing laboratory testing services to aid in their investigations. The section maintains an array of instrumentation capable of detecting and quantitating a variety of analytes. Past programs have examined both human and animal specimens. Researchers are encouraged to contact the laboratory and discuss their research requirements.


Speakers and Presenters

Members of the Toxicology section are expert in a number of areas and gladly give presentations to students and educators at all instructional levels. Previous topics include forensic analyses of all types, blood lead testing and interpretation, human performance impairment due to alcohol or other drugs, and urine drug testing. Similar presentations are available to civic and professional groups. Interested teachers and group leaders are strongly encouraged to contact the laboratory (608-224-6241) to discuss their needs.