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Why Choose WSLH Proficiency Testing

  • Approved by CMS
  • Accepted by CAP – COLA – HFAP – The Joint Commission
  • Providing services to more than 3,000 customers worldwide
  • Over 150 different products in a wide variety of subspecialties
  • Flexible enrollment and reasonable prices
  • High-quality samples with proven reliability
  • Exceptional customer service provided by Licensed Laboratory Professionals


2018 Catalog Now Available

Quality Evaluation (QE) Reporting

  • PT Central is no longer separated into Primary and Quality Evaluation websites.
  • To access Quality Evaluation result entry and reports starting 2017 login to PT Central Clinical.
  • To access Quality Evaluation reports prior to 2017 click here.


Contact WSLH Proficiency Testing – 800-452-5261 – PTService@slh.wisc.edu