WSLH Proficiency Testing has been a provider of proficiency testing services for over 50 years. As the only proficiency testing provider that is part of a working laboratory and a top US public university, our mission is focused on promoting education and public health to laboratories nationwide.



WSLH Proficiency Testing serves laboratories by providing proficiency testing services plus unparalleled customer service at a competitive price.

Since 1966, our mission has been to improve patient testing and public health by administering robust proficiency testing programs that promote education, quality laboratory testing, and professional competency.

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NEW FOR 2020

New Products for 2020:

• Hemoglobin-HemoCue Hb 801 Waived

• Hematology AF3-DxH500

• Urine Drug Screen-Ethyl Glucuronide 

• INR-Coag-Sense-Waived Methods

•  Infectious Disease Serology

•  Rubella IgM Immunoserology

•  Legionella Antigen

•  Meningitis Multiplex

•  Mycoplasma Genitalium Molecular 

•  India Ink

•  HPV Molecular 





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CRI Symposium for Clinical Laboratories
Orlando, FL | May 27-30, 2020
ASCLS Annual Meeting
Louisville, KY | June 28-July 2, 2020
AACC Annual Scientific Meeting
Chicago, IL | July 26-30, 2020
ASCP Annual Meeting
Austin, TX | September 9-11, 2020

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