Webinar: Fake Dope and Rat Poison – Bleeding Disorders Associated with the use of Synthetic Marijuana in WI

Earlier this year, patients began arriving in Chicago emergency rooms with unexplained bleeding. A link was made to the use of synthetic marijuana products, and the discovery of brodifacoum – a powerful anticoagulant and rat poison – was found to be the cause. This outbreak soon spread to Wisconsin and other states. In response, WSLH chemists developed a test to quantify brodifacoum in patients and added new information for diagnosis and patient management.

In this webinar, WSLH Chemical Response Coordinator Noel Stanton explains the history of the outbreak, the characteristics of this chemical exposure, and the unique role the WSLH is playing in the response.

Listen to the webinar: https://slhstream2.ad.slh.wisc.edu/Mediasite/Play/35e5ce9959ce494b9fb05d30442be8aa1d