Wednesday Nite @ the Lab Commemorates 1918 Pandemic Centennial

2018 marks the 100th anniversary of the devastating 1918 influenza pandemic that killed tens of millions worldwide. To commemorate the centennial, UW’s Wednesday Nite @ the Lab (WN@TL) hosted a series of talks this fall looking back at various aspects of the 1918 pandemic and looking forward into the future. WSLH Communicable Disease Division Director Dr. Pete Shult co-presented one of the talks.

100+ Years of Influenza Research at UW
Bernard Easterday, Yoshihiro Kawaoka and Chris Olsen of the University of Wisconsin School of Veterinary Medicine share 100+ years of influenza research at the University of Wisconsin

Influenza: It’s Not Only About Pandemics
Pete Shult (WSLH Communicable Disease Division) and Tom Haupt (WI Division of Public Health) describe how 10 decades of wrangling with the antigenic drift, the antigenic shift, and the host-hopping of the flu virus have challenged public health agencies to invent and refine strategies to manage seasonal influenza and other emerging viruses.

UW and Madison and the Influenza Epidemic of 1918
Steve Oreck of the UW-Madison Department of History explores how the SATC (Student Army Training Corps) for World War I impacted the UW campus and Madison when the flu arrived just in time for fall semester 1918.