WSLH Director Awarded WARF Named Professorship

The University of Wisconsin-Madison announced today that Wisconsin State Laboratory of Hygiene (WSLH) Director and UW Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering Professor Jamie Schauer is one of 11 UW-Madison faculty appointed to WARF Named Professorships.

According to UW-Madison, “The award honors faculty who have made major contributions to the advancement of knowledge, primarily through their research endeavors, but also as a result of their teaching and service activities. Award recipients choose the names associated with their professorships.”

Schauer was appointed the William C. Boyle Professor of Environmental Engineering.

Schauer chose William Boyle for his named professorship because of the profound impact Prof. Boyle had on the UW-Madison Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering.

“Although I did not know him that well personally as he retired two years before I started, he was an iconic figure in the development of the environmental engineering part of the Civil and Environmental Engineering Department,” Schauer said. “His background has many overlaps with mine but offset by about 30 years. We lived in some of the same cities as kids and also both earned our PhDs from Caltech. He is by far the most significant figure in the development of our program.”

Prof. Boyle passed away earlier this year.

According to UW-Madison, “The WARF Named Professorships awards are made possible because of the research efforts of UW–Madison faculty and staff. Technology that arises from these efforts is licensed by the Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation (WARF) and the income from successful licenses is returned to the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research and Graduate Education. It’s used to fund research activities throughout the divisions on campus, including these awards.”

The UW announcement also includes faculty who received H.I. Romnes Faculty Fellowships and Kellett Mid-Career Awards. Schauer also received these awards earlier in his career at UW-Madison.

UW-Madison’s official announcement —