Discontinuation of Mycobacteria Rapid Grower Susceptibility (MM00207)

Starting 11/11/19, the WSLH Communicable Disease Division will discontinue performing rapidly growing mycobacteria susceptibility testing (test code MM00207).

Requests for rapid grower susceptibility testing will be sent out to National Jewish Health – https://www.nationaljewish.org/for-professionals/diagnostic-testing/adx/our-laboratories/mycobacteriology/ast-ntm-aerobic-actinomycetes

If you choose to have us forward an isolate to National Jewish for testing, you will be charged a $90.00 handling and shipping fee.

WSLH will continue to offer culture, PCR, and identification for all mycobacteria, as well as drug susceptibility testing for M. avium complex (MAC) and M. tuberculosis.

Please see attached memo for more information.