Environmental Monitoring and Trends Seminar — March 3, 2015

Scientists and staff from the WI State Laboratory of Hygiene (WSLH) and WI Department of Natural Resources (DNR)  provided insight and updates about environmental monitoring and trends at a seminar held on March 3, 2015, at the WSLH’s Agriculture Drive facility in Madison.

The seminar was live-streamed on the web on March 3rd. Links to the archived webcasts are below.


Archived webcasts

You will need to access the archived webcasts using Internet Explorer. You will also need Microsoft Silverlight installed on your computer.

A.M. sessions webcast (NOTE: webcast starts at 04:41): https://slhstream2.ad.slh.wisc.edu/Mediasite/Play/f3b48a94a6744bd79267f5a2f2a78ce61d

P.M. sessions webcast (NOTE: webcast starts at 01:14): https://slhstream2.ad.slh.wisc.edu/Mediasite/Play/8bf5d354becd4b93916bd842a0b1afed1d



Webcast Session / Start Time
Topic Speaker
AM / 07:29 Well Assessment Sharon Long (WSLH)
AM / 25:00 Satellite Images and Monitoring Daniela Gurlin (DNR)
AM / 47:16 Radiochemistry Susan Percy (WSLH)
AM / 01:10:06 2, 4-D Study – Jim Kreitlow (DNR), Camille Danielson & Curtis Hedman (WSLH)
AM / 01:32:21 Cryptosporidium in Soil Zach Zopp (UW-Madison)
AM / 01:52:24 Particle Size Distributions Bill Selbig (USGS)
PM / 01:14 Workload TAT at WSLH Dave Webb (WSLH)
PM / 08:53 Eagle Trend Data Paul Rasmussen (DNR)
PM / 17:37 Future Wildlife Monitoring Sean Strom (DNR)
PM / 30:29 New Multi-Collector ICPMS Capabilities Pat Gorski (WSLH)
PM / 37:08 Microbial Source Tracking (MST) Jamie Stietz (WSLH)
PM / 47:19 Groundwater Dave Johnson (DNR)
PM / 52:55 Endocrine Disruptors Jocelyn Hemming (WSLH)
PM / 01:02:39 Great Lakes Fish Monitoring Candy Schrank (DNR)
PM / 01:09:23 Hexavalent Chromium Pat Gorski (WSLH)
PM / 01:15:44 Arsenic and NR812 DeWayne Kennedy-Parker (WSLH)