“Fightin’ Bob” La Follette and Food Poisoning

U.S. Senator Robert La Follette, Sr. Photo: Library of Congress

Sen. Robert La Follette, Sr. Photo: Library of Congress

The mystery surrounding U.S. Senator Robert “Fightin’ Bob” La Follette’s extreme gastrointestinal illness during his May 30, 1908 filibuster is explored in the latest issue of Madison magazine.

Reporter Adam Schrager looks at the historical records and talks to experts to determine whether La Follette was intentionally “drugged” as the Wisconsin senator claimed in letters to family back home, or was he merely a victim of the impact of hot Washington D.C. temperatures on the eggnog he was drinking for sustenance during his 18-hours-plus talking filibuster.

WSLH Foodborne Disease Program Manager and Communicable Disease Supervisor Tim Monson weighs in on the food poisoning angle.

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