General FAQ

If you have a question that isn’t asked or answered below, please contact us at 608-224-6241.


When will the testing be complete?

Blood and urine ethanol results can be expected within 1-2 weeks of submission. Specimens requiring analysis for other drugs may take considerably longer. The time necessary to complete drug testing is variable. Samples that are screened for drugs and have no drugs detected are typically completed in 3-4 months. Drug types and number of drugs detected influence the time needed to complete the analysis, review the findings and prepare a report. Specimens requiring multiple drug analyses may require 6-9 months for completion. Please contact the laboratory at 608-224-6241 for more information.


Can I get a copy of a report?

For traffic safety specimens (i.e., OWI arrests) the subject and specimen submitter are routinely issued copies of the final report of analysis. Additional copies of the report can be mailed to the address printed on the specimen submission form: a telephone call is sufficient to accomplish this. A report can be mailed to another address if a written request is mailed to the laboratory. Please call the laboratory for further information at 608-224-6241.

Reports relating to other matters (clinical testing and death investigation testing) are privileged medical information that is protected under Federal regulations. The laboratory will release this information only to the subject, a healthcare professional, or the relevant government authority.


Can I get a copy of a Simulator Solution Assay report?

Yes, but you must request this report from the Department of Transportation Chemical Test Section. They can be reached at 608-243-2946. This agency is responsible for maintaining all records related to breath alcohol testing, including the original Simulator Solution Assay reports issued by the WSLH.


Can you retest the specimen for alcohol?

Yes, the WSLH will re-analyze samples for ethanol concentration upon written request. Testing requires prepayment of $53.


Can you retest the specimen for drugs, too?

Additional testing may be conducted to look for drugs that are difficult to detect with our standard screening procedures. However, due to the complex nature of the analysis for drugs other than alcohol, retesting is generally not offered. Please contact the laboratory to discuss your concerns.


Can the specimen be tested independently?

Yes. In order to send a specimen to an independent laboratory for testing, the following procedure must be followed:

  1. Obtain and provide to the laboratory a written release from the submitter or their agency (usually the prosecuting attorney’s office).
  2. Arrange for the analysis to be conducted at the laboratory of your choice. You are responsible for making payment directly to the testing laboratory.
  3. Provide a letter specifying the name and address of the testing laboratory to the WSLH. The remaining specimens will be sent via certified mail to that facility at no cost to you. We will include a copy of your letter with the specimens.
Is the specimen still available?

Specimens are available for a period of six months from the date of the final report from our laboratory. After six months they are discarded unless there is a written request to retain them for a longer period of time.


I need kits, forms, etc. How can I get them?

Kits may be ordered from our website (Impaired Driving Kit Order Form, Coroner/Medical Examiner Kit Order Form), or by calling 608-224-6241. Kits and forms are provided at no cost to law enforcement agencies, hospitals, clinics, coroners and medical examiners.