UW Pediatrics – Mei Wang Baker continues as a prolific genetic researcher and director of newborn screening

Dr. Mei Baker, UW Professor of Pediatrics and Director, Wisconsin State Laboratory of Hygiene Newborn Screening Laboratory, stands in the Allen Centennial Gardens on the University of Wisconsin-Madison campus.

The University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health Department of Pediatrics recently profiled Wisconsin State Laboratory of Hygiene Newborn Screening Director and Professor of Pediatrics Dr. Mei Baker.

In recounting Dr. Baker’s career at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, the article also traces the advancements of the Wisconsin Newborn Screening Laboratory. Article link

From the article
“Wisconsin’s newborn screening program is viewed as being at the forefront in the field,” Baker explained. “Our association with the university gives us a huge advantage, and I get a lot of support from the department. We are in a position to continue our work and to set an example. Our forward thinking allows us to obtain funding to do testing development.”

Baker plans to have potential screens ready when transformative treatment becomes available — to be proactive rather than reactive. “I am an optimist,” she stated.