Safe Drinking Water Act Price List


NOTE: Effective Oct. 1, 2012, the holding time for Total Coliform/E. coli samples is 30 hours from time of collection to the start of laboratory analysis. Please check with your shipping vendor to make sure samples are received by the lab within this timeframe. More information and a list of possible shipping vendors.

Because some drinking water samples (both public and private samples) must be tested within a short time period after sampling, it is strongly recommended that you NOT ship samples to WSLH on Friday for Saturday delivery. The WSLH building is not open to the general public on weekends and holidays and staff may not be available to process your samples. Even with overnight delivery, samples may not be received or processed to meet the time limit requirement and another sample will need to be taken and shipped.


Effective Date: January 1, 2019 (prices subject to change without notice)

Water Microbiology

Lead Copper


Common Metals/Minerals

Other Nutrients/Minerals

Typical Inorganic

Organic Chemistry

At the request of the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources Water Supply Program, the Wisconsin State Laboratory of Hygiene is making available some of its testing capacity to Wisconsin public water suppliers. The following tests are offered, subject to the laboratory’s capacity to perform the tests within the required turnaround times.

Water Microbiology
Total Coliform and E. coli (30 hour holding time) *
Heterotrophic plate count $32.00
Iron Bacteria $58.00
Sulfate reducing bacteria $58.00
Total coliform identification $63.00
Pseudomonas aeruginusa $45.00
* Please call 608-224-6262 for pricing and availability
Organic Chemistry
Volatile Organic Compounds $180.00
Trihalomethanes (TTHM) $180.00
Haloacetic Acids (HAA5) $200.00
Atrazine (Triazine Screen) $35.00
The Radiochemistry Unit continues to provide a complete testing service. Those tests which are of probable interest to public water supplies are listed below:
Gross Alpha & Beta $71.00
Radium 226 & 228 $258.00
Radon $82.00
Strontium 89 & 90 $273.00
Tritium $89.00
Total Uranium $227.00
Inorganic Chemistry
Antimony $30.00
Arsenic $30.00
Cadmium $30.00
Chromium $30.00
Common Metals/Minerals

For the following list of metals/minerals only:

**$30.00 for the first metal, $6 for each additional metal**

If digestion is required, a $6 fee per sample will be charged.

Aluminum **
Barium **
Beryllium **
Calcium **
(requires calcium and magnesium tests)
Iron **
Magnesium **
Manganese **
Nickel **
Potassium **
Sodium **
Zinc **
Other Nutrients/Minerals

Alkalinity Panel

(includes alkalinity, conductivity and pH)

Chloride $25.00
Color $27.00
Cyanide $63.00
Foaming Agents Screen
Fluoride $26.00
Mercury $53.00
Nitrogen, Nitrate plus Nitrite $30.00
Nitrogen, Nitrite $30.00
Nitrate No Charge ***
Orthophosphate $30.00
Selenium $30.00
Silica $25.00
Silver $30.00
Sulfate $30.00
Thallium $30.00
Total Residue $23.00
Turbidity $13.00
Total Dissolved Solids $23.00
*** No charge if Nitrate plus Nitrite and Nitrite nitrogen tests are both requested.
Special Lead and Copper Regulations
Lead $30.00
Copper $30.00