Flow Cytometry


flowcytometry_finalmodRH_000The Flow Cytometry unit of the Wisconsin State Laboratory of Hygiene (WSLH) uses complex and highly versatile flow cytometers for both routine analysis and research.

Flow cytometers are laser-based instruments capable of measuring fluorescent and nonfluorescent light properties of individual particles as they pass through the instrument’s laser beam. These properties can be used to characterize particles and physically separate particles of interest from other particles in solution.

The technology is currently used to complement WSLH and University of Wisconsin research efforts and for the preparation of microbiological standards used by environmental testing and research laboratories all over the world.

Methods 1622 / 1623 / 1623.1 Quality Control Materials

  • Cryptosporidium and Giardia standards
  • Analyst verification slides
  • Mock Proficiency Testing Samples
  • IMS control samples
  • On Site Audit Package

Cryptosporidium Proficiency Testing Program

Proficiency Testing samples are offered twice each year, around March/April and September/October.


Bacterial, Protozoan, and Other Microbial Suspensions

Custom, flow cytometer-prepared suspensions containing a wide variety of  microorganisms are available on request. Highly purified suspensions prepared by the WSLH have been used to validate testing methods, purify and concentrate samples for molecular sequencing methods, and evaluate the performance of on-line pathogen monitoring and early warning systems. A partial list of microorganisms includes: E. coli, non pathogenic E. coli O157, Enterococcus, Bacillus spp., Legionella, microsporidia, and various Candida species.

Please contact the Flow Cytometry laboratory at 608-224-6260 for more information.


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