PPE Decontamination UV-C Process

The following videos are provided as general information and refresher training for Wisconsin Emergency Operations sites which are using UV-C radiation for the decontamination of N-95 respirators during a crisis in respiratory supply during this COVID-19 emergency.

There are alternative methods of decontamination for PPE, including Vaporous Hydrogen Peroxide.  For a discussion on issues of VHP and cellulose fiber respirators, see here.

1) PPE Users

Information for users of PPE when preparing for UV-C decontamination, or simply inactivation using time. Use This link.

1a) Preparing Respirators for Decontamination and Re-Use

1b) Inactivation Using Time

2) PPE Decontamination Processing Sites – General

The following series of videos provides general information on the processing of respirators when there is a crisis in the supply.  This full series should be viewed before training on the site specific information.  Use this link.

2a) Introduction to PPE Decontamination During Crisis

2b) UV-C Safety

2c) General Principles of Ultraviolet Radiation (UV-C) Decontamination

2d) UV-C Mercury Light Safety (Pending)

3) PPE Decontamination Processing Sites – Specific Configurations

The following links are to videos specific to different configurations of locations.

3a) Description of ETC “Toaster” setups.

3b) Description of Nebraska Method (basis of other setups)

3c) Description of Setups using “Torch” (Pending)

3d) Description of Setups using “Flashbar” (Pending)