Respiratory Protection Program Requirements for COVID-19


  • This is an online, webpage, training program which details the OSHA requirements for a respiratory protection program.
  • The intended audience for this training is the person(s) responsible for administering a workplace respiratory protection program. This training content is neither intended nor appropriate for use as required employee training for workplace respirator users.
  • The scope of this training is limited and specific to the use of filtering facepiece N95 respirators for protecting employees from COVID-19 infection in the workplace.  Each section has an outline, videos to provide the content, and resource links.
  • Users of this training can either start at the beginning, or jump to the specific area if interest.  Later modules may rely on information provided by earlier modules.
  • Resource links are provided as a convenience and not as an endorsement.  The use of product images is only an example, and not an endorsement.

All Wisconsin businesses are eligible to receive free and confidential professional consultation assistance with implementation of their respiratory protection program and other workplace safety and health issues by contacting the WSLH’s WisCon On-Site Safety and Health Consultation Program or the COVID-19 Consulting Group.


Pre-Fit Test Checklist Webinar

  • Pre-Fit Test Checklist Webinar Recording (43 minutes):(LINK)
  • Pre-Fit Test Checklist and Supporting Resources (Word file): (LINK)

Respiratory Protection Administrator Training


This training outline is intended to be viewed from the beginning to the end.  If you want to pick up where you left off, or if you want to review a specific section, use the following links to jump directly to that section.

VIDEO: Introduction



VIDEO: Administering a Respiratory Protection Program

1. Need for and Selection of Respirators

  • Hazard/Risk Assessment for Jobs
  • Select Type of Respirator
    • NIOSH Approved (Crisis Exceptions)
    • Disposable Respirators
    • Non-Disposable Respirators
  • List of Jobs/Tasks, Assessment, Respirator Needs

VIDEO: Respirator Selection for Hazard——VIDEO: Respirator Selection, Fit, and Comfort.

2. Medical Clearance

VIDEO: Medical Evaluations for Respiratory Protection


3. Fit Testing

  • Provide your site contacts for fit testing
  • Documentation of those performing fit test


 VIDEO: Introduction to Fit Testing


VIDEO: Qualitative Fit Testing

4. Procedures for Use

  • Site procedures for use of specific make/model of respirator in use


 VIDEO: Respirator Donning, Doffing, and User Seal Checks

5. Employee Training

  • Site procedure and contacts for training
  • Training records procedure

VIDEO: Employee Training

6. Respirator maintenance

  • Site procedure for obtaining respirators
  • Site procedure for storage of respirators
  • Site procedure for inspection and replacement of specific make/model of respirator in use
  • Site procedure for re-use of disposable respirators while in crisis

VIDEO: Filtering Facepiece Respirator Inspection

7. Provisions not applicable for this use

  • Breathing Air Quality
  • Use of respirators in emergency

8. Program Evaluation

  • Site procedure and schedule for evaluating the effectiveness of the respiratory protection program.

VIDEO: Respirator Program Evaluation

9. Recordkeeping

  • Exposure records, 30 year retention
  • Employee medical records, length of employment plus 30 years

VIDEO: Respiratory Protection Program Recordkeeping




OSHA Publications

Coronavirus: Guidance on Preparing Workplaces for COVID-19 NEW

(OSHA 3990 – 2020) (English:
(OSHA 3992 – 2020) (Spanish:

Coronavirus: COVID-19 Guidance for Nursing Home and Long-Term Care Facility Workers: OSHA Alert

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(OSHA 4026 – 2020) (Spanish:



Respiratory Protection Standard: Small Entity Compliance Guide

(OSHA 3384 – 2011) (English: PDF)

Respirator Medical Evaluation Questionnaire Infosheet

(OSHA 3789 – 2015) (English: PDF)


General Respiratory Protection Guidance for Employers and Workers

(2011) (English: HTML)

Personal Protective Equipment

(OSHA 3151 – 2004) (English: PDF)

Personal Protective Equipment Fact Sheet

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(OSHA FS 3603 – 2012) (Portuguese: PDF)

Respiratory Protection: NIOSH/OSHA/CDC Hospital Respiratory Protection Program Toolkit

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Respirators QuickCard™

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Coronavirus (COVID-19): Seven Steps to Correctly Wear a Respirator at Work Poster

·         (English: PDF)

·         (Arabic: PDF)

·         (Brazilian Portuguese: PDF)

·         (Chinese Simplified: PDF)

·         (Chinese Traditional: PDF)

·         (French Creole: PDF)

·         (Hmong: PDF)

·         (Korean: PDF)

·         (Kunama: PDF)

·         (Polish: PDF)

·         (Russian: PDF)

·         (Somali: PDF)

·         (Spanish: PDF)

·         (Tagalog: PDF)

·         (Thai: PDF)

·         (Vietnamese: PDF)