Fit Testing and other Respiratory Program Requirements for COVID

Moderator: George Gruetzmacher, WSLH

WebEx (1 Hour):connections will be available 20 minutes before posted start times.

(1) Tuesday August 25, 9:00 AM (past event)
(2) Tuesday August 25, 2:00 PM (past event)
(3) Wednesday August 26, 6:00 PM (past event)


Intro to COVID:
Dr. Dunkel, DHS

OSHA Respiratory Protection Program Requirements:
George Gruetzmacher, WSLH


Fit Testing Overview:
Robert Vercellino, WSLH


Respirator Re-Use in Supply Crisis:
Kevin Wernet, Kevin Wernet, WEM/SEOC

Q&A Including all Panelists, joined by:
OSHA Compliance Assistance Specialists,
WI Department of Safety and Professional Services