Guidelines for Citizen Participation at WSLH Board Meetings


The Wisconsin State Laboratory of Hygiene Board provides opportunities for citizens to appear before the Board to provide information to the Board on items listed on the agenda. Such appearances shall be brief and concise. In order to accommodate this participation in the allotted time, the guidelines are as follows:

  1. Items To Be Brought Before The Board:
    1. The Board Secretary and Chair will assign a specific time on the Agenda to hear public comment when a request to speak has been received from a member of the public.
    2. Individuals or organizations will be limited to a total of five minutes to make a presentation to the Board. Following the presentation, Board members may ask clarifying questions.
    3. An organization is limited to one (1) spokesperson on an issue.
    4. On complex issues, individuals wishing to appear before the Board are encouraged to submit written materials to the Board Secretary in advance of the meeting so the Board may be better informed on the subject in question. Such information should be submitted to the Board Secretary for distribution to all Board members no later than seven working days before the Board meeting.
    5. No matters that are in current litigation may be brought before the Board.
  2. The Board encourages individuals to confine their remarks to broad general policy issues rather than the day-to-day operations of the Wisconsin State Laboratory of Hygiene.
  3. Citizens who have questions for Board members should ask these questions prior to the Board meeting, during any recess during the Board proceedings, or after Board adjournment.
  4. Written requests to appear before the WSLH Board should be submitted no later than two working days prior to a scheduled Board meeting.
  5. Submit written requests to:
    Secretary to the Board
    c/o WSLH Director
    465 Henry Mall
    Madison, WI 53706
    Telephone: 608-890-0288