Employment Opportunities


Below are the current employment listings for the Wisconsin State Laboratory of Hygiene.

PLEASE NOTE: Each of these positions may be in a different stage of recruitment. For questions, click the email link included on the position description summary web page.

Scientific / Laboratory Employment Opportunities

Director, Wisconsin State Laboratory of Hygiene

Environmental Program Associate (Position ID #101280) APPLY

Assistant Scientist – Communicable Disease Division (PVL #89939) APPLY

Senior Microbiologist -Communicable Disease Division (PVL# 89940)  APPLY

Senior Microbiologist – Communicable Disease Division (PVL #89941)  APPLY

Micro Lab Tech Senior (Position ID#101321)  APPLY

Associate Microbiologist – Communicable Disease Division Specimen Receiving (PVL #90001)  APPLY

Associate Microbiologist – Communicable Disease Division Bacteriology (PVL #90002)  APPLY

Associate Microbiologist – Communicable Disease Division Rabies (PVL # 90003)  APPLY

Associate Chemist – Occupational Health (PVL #90044)  APPLY

Medical Program Assistant Associate (Position ID #101404)  APPLY

Chemist – Newborn Screening (PVL #90119)  APPLY


Administrative Employment Opportunities




Information Systems Employment Opportunities



Fellowship Opportunities

Laboratory Genetics and Genomics Fellowship

Biochemical Genetics Fellowship

Clinical Cytogenetics Fellowship

Molecular Genetics Fellowship


UW-Madison Employment Opportunities

UW-Madison Human Resources Page

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WSLH Human Resources Office


General Contact Information

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465 Henry Mall
Madison, WI 53706

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HR Staff

Name Title Email Address Phone Number
Cynda DeMontigny HR Director cynda.demontigny@slh.wisc.edu 608-890-3008
Heather Sauer
HR Assistant heather.sauer@slh.wisc.edu 608-890-1152
Kelsey Gordon Payroll & Benefits Specialist Advanced kelsey.gordon@slh.wisc.edu 608-262-5594