Mold Testing for Homeowners

Mold grows due to the presence of moisture, whether it is due to a leak, condensation, poor ventilation or high humidity.

If you have visible mold present in your home, we can identify what is present.There are several types of samples you can submit for identification.

1.      A piece or scraping of what the mold is growing on.Please submit in a plastic ziplock bag.

2.      A tape lift of the area where the mold is growing.Tape lift kits are available from the laboratory.

3.      A wipe of the area where mold is growing.Swabs are available from the laboratory.

Tape lifts can only be examined microscopically for the presence of mold.Bulks (pieces) and swabs can be examined microscopically or cultured for mold.

Please contact the laboratory with any questions or to order a tape lift kit or swab.