Andersen Sampling for Bacteria and Fungi

Collection of bacteria and fungi samples using an Andersen sampler

Fungal Media
Malt Extract Agar (MEA)—general purpose media
Malt Extract Agar w/NaCl—isolation of xerophilic fungi
Cellulose Agar—isolation of Stachybotrys

Bacteria Media
Tryptic soy Agar (TSA)—general purpose media
Brain Heart Infusion Agar w/Sheep Blood (SBS)—isolation of pathogenic bacteria

Other media available for special requests

  1. The sampling pump should be calibrated at 28.3 liters per minute.
  2. Open the impactor stage by unhooking the three spring clamps. Wipe the inside of the inlet cone, the top and underside of the middle section, and the top side of the bottom of the impactor stage with an alcohol wipe. Let the alcohol evaporate to dry.
  3. Remove the cover from the agar plate. Place the plate, agar side up, on the base (bottom) stage of the impactor stage. Cover with the middle and cone section of the impactor stage. Latch shut with the three spring clamps.
  4. Turn on the pump. Record the time on.
  5. Samples should be collected for 1-5 minutes. Turn the pump off. Record the time off.
  6. Remove the plate from the impactor stage. Replace the plate cover. Label the plate with identification number. Place in a ziplock bag.
  7. Clean the impactor stage with an alcohol wipe before next sample collection and when all sampler collections are complete.
  8. Plates should be shipped overnight in a cooler with cold packs as soon as possible. Regular ice is not recommended. Refrigerate plates if shipping is delayed.