Hexavalent Chromium


WOHL performs air analysis for hexavalent chromium—Cr(VI), chromic acid, chromium trioxide, chromate compounds and dichromate compounds based on OSHA ID-215 (ion chromatography with post column reaction and visible detection). There are four basic types of samples which can contain Cr(VI): welding-related samples, paint-related samples, plating or acidic environment-related samples and other Cr(VI)-related dusts.

Welding samples are collected on un-weighed, 5-micron PVC. We can provide two types of filters for this: 37 mm with clear band labeled Na/K/Cr6 (WOHL media #86) and 25 mm with clear band labeled Cr6 weld (WOHL media #161) for behind welding helmets.  After collection, samples need to be sent back to the laboratory ASAP, as according to the method they are not stable past eight days.

Paint-related samples can be collected on either the 37 mm or the 25 mm clear banded filters listed above. Sample submission forms need to clearly indicate they are paint-related samples as they require a second digestion and second analysis

Plating or samples from acidic environments are collected on NaOH-treated quartz fiber filters with a clear band and labeled Cr6 acid. Once these samples are collected on these filters, they are stable.