Air-O-Cell Sample Collection


Collection of Total Spore Samples using Zefon Air-O-Cell Cassette

  1. The sampling pump should be calibrated at 15 liters per minute (LPM).

(Flow rates greater than 20 LPM have been shown to bounce off large spores; rates less than 10 LPM will not collect small spores as efficiently.)

  1. Remove the seal from the Air-O-Cell outlet port (round-shaped end) and inlet slit (rectangular-shaped end).
  2. Attach the Air-O-Cell cassette outlet port to the sampling pump.
  3. Turn the sampling pump on. Typical sampling time recommended is 5-10 minutes. Sampling time should be less when high levels of spores may be present. (Note: Samples collected with the WallChek apparatus should be collected for two minutes. Use of the WallChek requires a high volume pump calibrated to 15 LPM with the WallChek attached.)
  4. Turn the pump off. Replace the seals on the inlet and outlet ports. Label the cassette.
  5. Record the number of sampling minutes and the total liters sampled.
  6. Samples should be mailed as soon as possible.