>>Consultation Services Request Form<<


STEP 1 – CONTACT: As an owner or manager of a small business, you can request a visit by using our online services request form or calling 800-947-0553.

STEP 2 – SCHEDULE: A consultant will call you to schedule a consultation visit at your convenience. First priority is given to workplaces where employees are currently experiencing illnesses. Priority is also given to small employers in high hazard industries.

STEP 3 – ONSITE VISIT: The consultant will arrive at your workplace for the on-site visit consisting of:

  1. An opening conference where you can explain your workplace and health & safety concerns to the consultant. The consultant will explain the program, outline your rights and responsibilities in utilizing our services and answer any questions that you may have.
  2. A records review, where the consultant will review your OSHA-300 injury and illness logs, as well as any other health and safety programs that you have.
  3. A walk-through inspection to view the worksite and identify potential hazards.
  4. Industrial hygiene monitoring may be conducted on that day or may be conducted later.
  5. Conduct either a complete or a partial assessment of the safety and health management program.
  6. A closing conference to discuss observations and recommendations.

STEP 4 – MONITORING RESULTS: If industrial hygiene monitoring was conducted, the consultant will provide you with the monitoring results by fax, email or letter.

STEP 5 – REPORT: The consultant will evaluate all of the information and provide you with a written report detailing the findings and recommendations. If serious hazards were found, dates for corrective action are agreed upon.

STEP 6 – CORRECTION OF HAZARDS: You are responsible for correcting all of the serious hazards found within the agreed-upon abatement schedule. If needed, extensions in time may be granted upon written request. Hazard abatement is required so that each consultation visit achieves its objective: effective employee protection.

ADDITIONAL VISITS: A follow-up visit may be scheduled to provide abatement assistance or to conduct additional monitoring to verify abatement if needed.

An internal referral may be made, and another consultant may schedule a visit to your site. For example, a safety consultant might find potential health hazards and request an industrial hygiene visit to assist you. Likewise, an Industrial Hygienist may recommend a safety consultant to assist in correcting safety hazards. Or, an industrial hygiene consultant may identify ventilation needs and request one of our engineers to assist consultant.