Hexavalent Chromium

Sampling Plating Operations

Because Cr(VI) is not stable under acidic conditions OSHA recommends using a 37 mm sodium hydroxide (NaOH) treated quartz fiber filter (WOHL media # 159 clear band labeled Cr6 acid.) Use these only for plating or sampling in acidic environments. The filters are only good for one month from the time made and will be made only on an as-needed basis. Allow for a two to three day prep time and shipping time when you place your order.

Sampling Painting Operations

Samples from spray painting operations should be collected on 37 mm, 5 micron unweighed PVC Filters (WOHL media #86 clear band labeled Na/K/Cr6.) Do not field desorb these samples. It is important that you let the laboratory know if samples are taken from spray painting operations. A second more vigorous digestion and analysis procedure are needed to recover all the Cr(VI) from the paint (extra charges may apply.) If we don’t know that these samples are from paint, results will likely be suspect.

Sampling Welding Operations

Samples taken from welding and all other operations are collected on 37 mm, 5 micron unweighed PVC filters (WOHL media #86 clear band labeled Na/K/Cr6.) These are also available in the 25 mm, 5 micron PVC (WOHL media #161 labeled Cr6 weld.) It is advisable to send the samples to the lab as soon as possible, preferably within 24 hours. Welding samples need to be analyzed within eight days.