Bureau of Labor Statistics: Survey of Occupational Injuries & Illnesses


JPEG INFOGRAPHIC SOII 2014NEW! Wisconsin’s 2014 Survey of Occupational Injuries & Illnesses Press Release- Nov. 23, 2015

“According to estimates from the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics’ Survey of Occupational injuries and Illnesses (SOII), Wisconsin’s overall incidence rate of nonfatal occupational injuries and illnesses remained unchanged, at 4.0 cases per 100 equivalent full-time workers in 2014.” View our latest press release for more information regarding 2014 Wisconsin non-fatal occupational injury and illness data.  Key findings from the 2014 survey can be seen on our infographic.

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Survey Respondents

In December of 2015, prenotifications will be sent to Wisconsin establishments which were sampled to participate in the 2016 Survey of Occupational Injuries & Illnesses.  If you receive this notice and have questions regarding the nature of this injury and illness data collection, please call us at 1-800-884-1273 or email Rebecca Adams, Program Manager at rebecca.adams@slh.wisc.edu.

Instructions for completing the 2015 Survey of Occupational Injuries & Illnesses will be mailed to Wisconsin establishments in January of 2016.  We will update our website with information pertinent to submitting your establishment’s data in December 2015.

Want to know more about the survey and what you’ll need to report?  Click on the button to see our SOII guides and FAQs: