Free On-Site Safety & Health Consultation Services
For Wisconsin’s Small Business Community

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  • Our trained and experienced consultants service the occupational safety and industrial hygiene needs of hundreds of Wisconsin’s small businesses every year.
  • The typical wait-time for a new client visit is 3 to 4 weeks, dependent upon consultant availability.
  • We keep an industrial hygienist on-call to provide same-week service to construction clients with urgent exposure sampling needs.
  • Our client services are completely voluntary, cost-free, and confidential. We provide services by-request only.
  • We have safety specialists and industrial hygienists available to provide statewide services.
  • Client service records are protected against public disclosure by Federal law.
  • No penalties or enforcement action. The client’s only obligation is to correct any identified serious hazards within a reasonable time-frame. Imminent danger situations must be corrected immediately.
  • We are staffed and operated by the University of Wisconsin-Madison.  Ninety percent of our operational funding is provided by a grant from the US Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).

An on-site consultation visit can provide assistance to:

  • Identify workplace hazards
  • Perform industrial hygiene employee exposure sampling and assessment
  • Assist with OSHA non-formal complaint responses
  • Assist with developing and assessing controls for OSHA citation abatement
  • Conduct limited ergonomic assessments
  • Recommend and assist in developing controls
  • Evaluate and assist in developing and implementing necessary programs
  • Evaluate and assist in developing and implementing a comprehensive safety and health management program
  • Conduct limited training and education