Food Manufacturing Local Emphasis Program

The U.S Department of Labor Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) Area Offices in the State of Wisconsin have investigated three worker deaths, 78 amputations and 17 fractures that occurred from exposure to moving machine parts from 2014 through 2020 in the food manufacturing industry.  While investigating these tragedies, the most common violations OSHA found included failure to properly control hazardous energy and machine guarding.
Reducing the risks food manufacturing workers face has led the Wisconsin OSHA Area Offices to establish a Local Emphasis Program (LEP).  The program will focus on employers in Food Manufacturing, specifically NAICS 3114xx, Fruit and Vegetable Preserving and Specialty Food Manufacturing; NAICS 3115xx, Dairy Product Manufacturing; and NAICS 3116xx, Animal Slaughtering and Processing.

Virtual Sessions in June

In an effort to educate those in the Food Manufacturing industry on this new Local Emphasis Program OSHA will be conducting several virtual informational sessions via Microsoft Teams.  To attend simply click on one of the below links.
The sessions will be held at the following times:
If you wish to attend via audio only:
Dial: 202-693-6338
Call ID: 5552004454 
Please email any initial questions regarding the Food Manufacturing LEP to, subject line “Food Manufacturing LEP” ahead of the sessions so that we ensure they are answered. 

Hazards included in emphasis inspections

The scope of inspections conducted under this LEP will focus on machine guarding hazards, hazardous energy control program/procedures, and thermal burns (hot/cold) when operating, servicing, sanitizing, and maintaining food processing equipment.  Sanitation processes will be evaluated for hazards associated with chemicals burns from corrosive chemicals.  Sites may be covered by other emphasis programs and the inspections may be expanded to include those hazards.  See a complete list of NEP/REP/LEP at


OSHA encourages industry employers to take steps to identify, reduce, and eliminate hazards related to machine guarding and hazardous energy control and implement safety strategies during the LEP’s initial phase.  The agency urges employers to use its free consultation services for advice on complying with OSHA standards by visiting

LEP Availability

A copy of the Local Emphasis Program for the Food Manufacturing Industry is available via the OSHA website at  If you have additional questions, please contact the Appleton Area Office via email at or 920-734-4521.
Thank you for your continued efforts in ensuring safe and healthful workplaces for the working men and women in Wisconsin.