Lead Paint Analysis for Homeowners


If you suspect your home might contain lead paint, you should have it tested. Home kits are cheap and widely available, but are not quantitative and can be inaccurate. The best results come from laboratory analysis.

We require approximately one square inch of paint for analysis. It is best to take the sample from an area where the paint is cracked, chipped or peeled away from the surface, as loose paint is most likely to be ingested by young children. Place the sample in a clean, labeled ziplock bag, fill out a submission form using the link and send to the address listed on the form.   Submission form 

Results will usually be available within two weeks from the day we receive the sample(s). A report detailing the percent lead in each sample will be provided. If you supply your e-mail address we will e-mail you a copy of the results.  You can then compare your results with federal and state limits. The EPA considers paint to be contaminated with lead when the amount of lead exceeds 0.5%. The lower limit for the state of Wisconsin, however, is 0.06%.

If you find lead in excess or near the regulatory limit for one or more of your samples, we recommend you contact your local city, county or state health department for advice on how to handle your situation.


In Madison, call the Health Department’s lead program at 608-266-5817 for assistance.


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