Wisconsin Clinical Laboratory Network (WCLN)


The Wisconsin State Laboratory of Hygiene (WSLH) coordinates a network (the Wisconsin Clinical Laboratory Network, or “WCLN”) of clinical laboratories in the state to ensure a timely and effective response to clinical laboratory and public health needs. The WCLN purpose encompasses emergency preparedness, disease surveillance, laboratory diagnostics, training and education, and communications.


The WCLN web page provides access to a number of laboratory materials that have been created in collaboration with clinical laboratory partners, most notably the members of the Wisconsin Clinical Laboratory Technical Advisory Group (“LabTAG”).


WCLN Documents



WCLN Communications


The Wisconsin Laboratory Messaging System is the standard mechanism used to communicate with clinical laboratories throughout Wisconsin for emergency, outbreak, and routine purposes.  Laboratory messages are composed and distributed approximately twice a month by the Wisconsin State Laboratory of Hygiene (WSLH), which is responsible for coordinating laboratory preparedness planning and emergency response in Wisconsin.


Laboratory messages provide laboratory-directed updates and alerts (including those related to biological and chemical emergency preparedness and response), outbreak-related information, training announcements, and information on other laboratory-related topics of interest.  Each message includes the 24/7 emergency number to contact the WSLH.  Messages are transmitted by both email and fax (according to the preference of the message recipient) to at least two designated contacts at each of more than 130 clinical laboratories statewide.