Sending Specimens to WSLH


UPS Courier Service

UPS is the selected courier service for the WSLH Newborn Screening Laboratory. See the Submitting Specimens section below for details on how to place an order for pick-up using the UPS web portal. Contact the Newborn Screening Laboratory at 608-262-6547 or if you have any questions.


Specimen Handling

After blood has been applied to the filter paper, proceed as follows:

  • Allow blood-soaked collection card to dry in a horizontal (flat) position. Example image and drying rack example image
  • Suspend blood-soaked area of collection card such that air can dry both sides of the card equally.
    NOTE: Be sure the attached cover slip doesn’t come into contact with the blood until completely dry. Do not allow the blood-soaked portion of the collection card to come into contact with another surface (desktop, absorbent paper, etc.).
  • Allow blood to air dry at room temperature for a minimum of three (3) hours.
    NOTE: Do not use artificial heat (lamps, incubators, etc.) to dry the specimens.
  • Evaluate specimen for acceptability. See How to Collect a Blood Specimen and sample images at Satisfactory and Unsatisfactory Collection Card.
  • Replace the cover slip over the blood when completely dry.

Submitting Specimens

  • Forward specimens to the WSLH within 24 hours after collection.
    • NEVER hold completed blood card for hearing or heart screening results.
  • Specimens older than seven (7) days from collection date are unsatisfactory for testing, and a repeat collection will be required.
  • Place specimen(s) to be submitted in the UPS envelope(s); no more than 20 per envelope to prevent potential damage to specimen cards.
  • Place order online at the UPS website. See Instruction sheet.
  • Place UPS envelope(s) in designated location at your facility for pickup.
  • UPS delivery costs are paid by the WSLH.