Newborn Screening Funding


Newborn screening is funded with user-generated fees. The fee is collected with the purchase of the blood collection card from the WSLH. The collection site (hospital, clinic, physician, nurse or midwife) is responsible for billing the patient. Often the patient’s insurance will cover the cost of screening.

For ordering and current pricing information, see Collection Card Ordering and Pricing. The price includes a laboratory fee and a surcharge.

The laboratory fee supports all testing activities, including staff salaries, reagents, and equipment.

The surcharge fee supports confirmatory testing, treatment, and counseling for affected children and their families. For example, children with PKU require a special formula that is purchased with surcharge monies and made available to the parents. Also, children identified with a congenital disorder through newborn screening are referred to specialty clinics for treatment and genetic counseling.

Although the newborn screening program is a state-run program, no state tax dollars are provided to support it.