How to Obtain NBS Test Results

The WSLH Newborn Screening (NBS) Laboratory can only provide results for individuals that were tested in Wisconsin. For out-of-state births, please contact the birth state for newborn screen results. You can find individual state information here:


Patients / Parents / College Students

Newborn screening results, including sickle cell results, can be requested by contacting your health care provider.


Health Care Providers

If you are a health care provider, please click on the NBS REPORT REQUEST FORM button below, print, and complete all the required fields. If you are a provider requesting sickle cell results for college athletes, please write “college” at the top of the form. Fax the completed form to 608-262-5494.

PLEASE NOTE: Requests for all reports are generally provided via fax within 3-5 business days; 7-10 days via USPS. If faster turnaround is necessary, please indicate date needed on your request. Any report request found to be incomplete may require additional processing time.


Attn: Submitters and Providers

To ensure timely receipt of NBS reports, it is recommended that you establish an agreement with WSLH to receive by auto-fax (rather than mail) all NBS reports as they become available. To establish an auto-fax agreement, or modify an existing auto-fax agreement, please contact our laboratory at 608-262-6547 or email