Continuing Education


The Wisconsin Newborn Screening Program has produced three interactive training webinars on collection and submission of newborn screening specimens.

The intended audience for all webinars includes nurses, midwives, phlebotomists, physicians and all health care workers who participate in the newborn screening process. These webinars can be used to train new health care workers as well as refresh the skill set of those currently performing newborn specimen collections.

Webinar #3

How to Complete the Newborn Screening Card

This training webinar provides instruction on how to fill out the Screening Card.



Webinar #1:

Basics on Newborn Screening Specimen Collection and Submission

UPDATE IN PROCESS – This training webinar provides guidance on proper newborn screening specimen collection and submission.




Webinar #2:

Blood Collection for Babies in Special Care Units

UPDATE IN PROCESS based upon new recommendations