DNA Banking


DNA banking allows for the long term storage of an individual’s genetic material (DNA).  DNA can be banked at any time over the course of a person’s life.  Families primarily use DNA banking services for safeguarding samples and to ensure its availability for future testing.  DNA can be obtained from multiple different sample types including peripheral blood (preferred), prenatal tissues (chorionic villi and amniotic fluid), skin and other tissues. This service is wholly voluntary.

The lab is not responsible for arranging for the collection of the specimen; however, the laboratory does off specimen shipper kits for ease of transport.  Please contact our genetic counselor (608-262-0402) to arrange.

Payment of the fee associated with our DNA Banking services should be in the form of a personal check made out to ‘UW Cytogenetics’ (DNA Banking policy form below).



DNA Banking Policy and Deposit Form icon-pdf (Required)

DNA Banking Specimen Release Form icon-pdf (Supplemental)

DNA Banking Transfer of Ownership Form icon-pdf (Supplemental)


Post-Mortem DNA Storage and Testing Options

No charge DNA extraction and short term storage of the DNA for any postmortem specimen